Brandie and her Juice Plus+ teammates celebrate her promtion

She Said She Would… And She DID!

IT’S OFFICIAL!!!  I just got promoted with the Juice Plus+ Company!!!

We celebrated with an intimate whirlwind weekend of decadence with the man who’s been my biggest support, and the two sweet boys who watched me grow, day in and day out.  I asked Julien and Beau how they wanted to celebrate, because I feel they did this with me.  They aren’t the kind of kids who love Disney, but they were jazzed about going to a fancy Japanese restaurant, so that’s what we did, as well ordered room service at the Royal York (again, their idea 😆)!  

What does this promotion mean?  Because there are no quotas or minimums, positions are permanent, so I’ll *always* receive a 20% bonus monthly from now on!  That’s huge!! 

I am considered leadership now and I’ve been invited to the Legacy Awards, a black tie invitation-only gala in October to be recognized! 

I am incredibly proud of myself, and also incredibly GRATEFUL.  

To my customers – thank you.  Watching your health transformations have been one of the biggest rewards of all.

To my beautiful team – thank you.  Very special shout out to Julie Lafontaine whose dedication is out of this world and who is mentoring several rising stars with unparalleled support. 

Team, whether you do a little or a lot, you are each a part of helping dreams become reality.  Both for myself, and for the families you touch with this gift of nutrition made simple.

To Dr. Sears, Diane Welch Sears, Hayden Sears Kathrine Lee and all the incredible leaders I’ve learned so much from – thank you.  

I have never worked anywhere before where I received absolutely zero pressure or coercion to do or be anything but my best, authentic self.  I have never seen such genuine love and support from a community who has continually had my back and demonstrated its integrity, time and time again.

To the Juice Plus+ Company – thank you.

You loved me where I was at.  You restored my health and you restored my family’s health.  You’ve allowed me to match a full time income without compromising ANY of my wishes and dreams.  You’ve truly enriched my life in every way possible! 

But now, my dreams have just gotten bigger!

Check out my interview with Diane and Hayden and learn how I was able to grow a stable and steady full time income without compromising any of my values or wishes in the process.  Loose transcript below, and a VERY special offer!


There has never been a better time to live your DREAM life!

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I want to hear about what has been challenging you, and help you see things from a new vantage point. The act of being heard without judgement can be just enough to transform your current reality to one that feels full of success and positivity.

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“She Said She Would, and She DID!”
Diane and Hayden Sears interview Brandie Hadfield, our newest leader on our Sears team!  During this chat, we will recognize Brandie for achieving the exciting milestone of leadership in her business, and learn how she was able to triple her income in a little over a year while homeschooling her two young kids.  Come join in so you can congratulate Brandie and learn how she did it!
“Hi, I’m Diane Sears, and I am a National Marketing Director with the Juice Plus+ Company and first learned about fruits and vegetables in a capsule 
18 years ago from Dr. WIlliam Sears who was my father in law at the time.  I have two grown kids, who were just babies at the time.  I was also suffering from IBS and so the news of this product was literally the best news of my life, and enabled me to heal over time to where I experience vibrant health. 

I met Brandie in 2012 when she decided to join our team in sharing nutrition made simple.  Brandie has had a unique and exciting journey with us, and recently becoming promoted into leadership, I invited her to share just HOW she did it.  I just know you will be inspired by her story!

I love hearing how people landed in this mission of inspiring healthy living, tell everyone a bit about how we came to work together.

Well my eldest was just 6 months at the time, and I was panicking about my maternity leave ending.  I took some courses and become certified in family nutrition as well as pre and post natal nutrition and had a revelation about trading time for money.  I had calculated how many clients I would need to work with and how many students would need to be in each workshop in order to match my previous income. 

I thought if there was a TOOL that I could give my clients, it could aid in client retention as well as become residual income that would afford me some breathing room and flexibility.  I was actively looking for something, then as I was looking at the ads on the side of askdrsears, I saw the ad for Juice Plus.  The concept of supplementing nutrition from food instead of synthetic vitamins made complete sense, so I contacted my teacher who connected me to Hayden, Dr. Bill’s daughter.  It was complete serendipity that we met, and she is now a wonderful friend.  

But you took some time off, right?  Tell us about that!

Yes, I worked my way up through three promotions in my first year, and then I got discouraged.  I let negative self talk get in the way of my consistency, and I honestly stopped trying.  I turned my focus into my sleep business and got pregnant with my second, basically LIFE happened, and I stepped out completely for a few YEARS.  Then, I stopped taking Juice Plus myself. 

Over time my health got really bad, and I had a scary wake up call.  A voice from within reminded me about Juice Plus, I re-ordered and within an hour I could feel a difference. My body was singing.  It was then that I realized I had been sitting on a gold mine, and that ethically I had to share this.  It was my second parlay into Juice Plus+ that my business grew FAST.

Tell me more about that, your experience leaving and coming back?

So you Diane, and Hayden were always so supportive.  There for me if I needed anything.  But there was no pressure.  I was used to a workplace mentality where it would be discouraged to go home at night if your quota was not met.  We don’t work like that here, the attitude is, “You are a blessing whether you do a little or alot”.  So when I said I was stepping out, you both kept in touch and demonstrated that you cared about me genuinely.  It was not like other companies where you leave and then it was like you never existed. 

When I returned, you were both wide open arms and wonderful.  The really cool thing is that because positions are permanent within Juice Plus, I was able to return at my previously held position which was the top commission level.. That is something I don’t think ANY other company does for it’s people.

What are some other things you think sets us apart that you like?

The biggest thing is the family-vibe, community feel.  Being appreciated and feeling like a belong is very important to me.  Having worked completely solo on my own writing a book, having worked for large companies as well as smaller independent companies, there was a certain loneliness that is hard to explain. 

I like that our product is simple. We don’t have a giant catalog, just a few products that share a common goal of getting more fruits and vegetables into people.  It is just food.  There are no warning labels or contraindications.  I also love how thoroughly researched JP is, literally nothing out there as thoroughly researched.  Lastly I love the complete creative freedom we have.  I never would have thought that a wellness business could be such a creative outlet for me, but it totally is!

I am sure people are curious Brandie, what does a typical day in your life look like?  How do you homeschool and run a successful business?

Well, I don’t have any babysitter or nanny, I literally do this with my kids.  When I got the call that I was two orders away from my promotion, I was able to tell the kids exactly what was happening and they were SO excited.  I know that watching my grow my business is an incredible learning experience for them.  My own work ethic is a result of watching my mother put herself through college and work her way up, and they are getting a similar experience in a lot of ways.

So, I wake up with gratitude every day.  I don’t set an alarm clock, we just wake up when we wake up.  Every day is an adventure but there is some rhythm to my week, like Friday’s is farmers market day.  But the actual WORK is done in bits of time, moments that are woven into my day.  With two young kids I don’t want to have to spend hours on end on my laptop, and with this business I don’t have to.  

What is the secret to your success?

When I first started out, I was not as strong and confident as I am now.  In order to achieve success you need strength and confidence in four areas: the product or service you are selling, the company you are representing, the industry you are in, and most importantly, yourself.  There are landmines everywhere wanting to knock you down and shake your confidence.  Things people say, stuff on the internet, can make negative inner dialogue sabotage your efforts and your dreams. 

With our Juice Plus products, it is a fact that there is nothing else like it, nothing else with the quality and breadth and depth of science behind it.  Yet, you could find the odd negative blog or YouTube video.  If you are insecure, you could take those blogs or whatever and feel doubtful.  If you do your homework and know how to think for yourself and be a critical thinker, you can click on those citations and realize they do not actually support the claims they are making.  You can think about where the money is coming from.  If fruits and vegetables reduce inflammation and support your immune system and protect your DNA, what industry do they threaten?? 

One of the richest industries, pharmaceuticals.  Which have their place of course, but my passion is healing from the inside out.  Which is much more cost effective and sustainable that using drugs to cover up symptoms to a greater problem.  With regards to belief in our industry, there is all kinds of people trying to take our money so they can teach us some “secret formula” which can make you question your methods.  What I learned was to keep focused on the facts.  It does not make sense to abandon your efforts when you have not even consistently applied them.  Or to veer from a trusted mentors advice based on a sponsored ad on Facebook. With the industry, well I don’t know a lot about networking marketing or multi-level marketing, but some of the issues I have learned about is that often your position is precarious, if you don’t achieve a certain volume or quota you lose your rank. 

Well, ours are permanent.  We have no quotas or minimums, no stock to carry, no risk at all.  We are not paid to recruit, but if we have a member join our team and we support them, we are paid.  The pay is ethical, stable and secure.  The company has a huge heart for helping.  Finally, belief in myself.  The Juice Plus company has helped me greatly with that through investing in me with personal development programs and mentorship.  This is the biggest gift of all because it helps me become the person, the leader, the mother, the wife and the friend that I want to be.

Was there any big AHA moments in your business journey that you want to share?

There was two big ones for me.  The first was when my husband got accepted into a particular union for film industry.  Culturally we look at a “union job” as being optimal security.  He strived and studied and took the test after years of hard work and long hours.  Then his first pay came in as a union employee and we learned he was going to be taking a $1,000 pay cut.  If it was not for my Juice Plus+ business we would have been really hurt by that.  Then, my father passed away in May, and it was unexpected.  It knocked me right down, and for over a month all my focus was on that.  I really was not able to work.  The Juice Plus+ team were a huge rock for me.  Diane, you and my partner Julie in particular, just took care of everything.  I received a beautiful bouquet and lilac tree from my JP family. 

My family were all negotiating bereavement time and time off and work coverage, and I had none of that worry.  I realized, this is true freedom.  You cannot even work for yourself and have this kind of freedom.  What we have is SO special in that you are accountable only to yourself AND you have support from a strong business infrastructure.  Despite that freedom, I did worry that I had lost momentum or that my business was going to suffer.  Then June 10th came, payday, and I received the largest paycheque in my history with this company.  That was when the “stable and lasting” aspect of our pay structure really hit home.  All my work building a strong foundation would not be that easily knocked down.  That really fueled my fire. 

My father had worked in a direct sales business himself for a time, selling Kirby vacuums door to door.  Door to door sales is no longer legal.  But I saw my dad’s paycheque soar and dip despite extremely long hours.  The culture was very much a hardcore numbers game.  Similar to when I sold gym memberships in my 20’s.  The culture was that you don’t leave the call centre until you have talked to at least 30 people.  You don’t do home until the job is done.  I am grateful for those experiences but even more grateful that I can truly put my family first and earn a great income without pressure.  Life is stressful enough.  I don’t accept work stress anymore.  Life is too short.(My husband Neville joins)

Neville, Hi! You must be so proud of Brandie! I personally want to thank you for all your unwavering support. The support of a spouse is always so helpful no matter what profession the spouse chooses. You have been so supportive!! It what ways do you support Brandie and maybe tell us a bit about what you do and why you love Brandie’s mission.

Well first I just want to say, it was amazing to witness Brandie through out the difficult time of her father’s passing.  She is so strong and created something really beautiful for her family and did it with such grace.  So I just want to publicly recognize her for that.  And why I support her, is I believe in the product and what it can do. I have my own Juice plus story; we were taking it and everything was great, and then we stopped and our health took a major dive, we were kinda living this doldrum life for awhile.  Then we got back on it, and really felt a difference.  And how I support her, I give her time, I give her space, and I give her trust.  She’s always done the same for me.  I mean, it goes beyond not getting in each other’s way, but empowering one another.  And wouldn’t you support her?!  

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