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Back in 2011 when I first began teaching workshops on healthy family sleep and attachment parenting, a major issue became abundantly clear to me.  These tired new parents were malnourished!  They might be consuming enough calorically, but not nearly enough antioxidant rich, plant nutrition.

The average human requires between 9-13 first-sized servings of fruits and vegetables to obtain the amount of phytonutrients required to combat the oxidative stress that one undergoes through just living life!  The average parent attending one of my classes, is consuming 1.5 servings!

There are several reasons why this is a problem:

The building blocks to the brain, are fat. Fat is prone to oxidization. Anti-oxidants assist in keeping the brain functioning at it’s best.

Stress creates oxidization not just in our brains, but in our whole bodies.  Think of it like tiny bullets ricocheting inside us, causing damage (i.e. inflammation and disease).  Again, we require anti-oxidants found in food, to reduce combat these threats.

The unfortunate fact is that the land, the soil and environment are not growing plants as nutritious as the ones our grandparents ate, so we need to eat more than they did, to get the vitamins and minerals we need. Produce today is picked too early, and ripening on trucks and in the stores.

Not to mention the increased toxins in our environments, and the increased stress of the busier-than-ever lives we lead.  

All things point to MORE fruits and vegetables required in our diets, yet for some reason people are losing their taste for whole foods and finding processed franken-foods too easy and cheap to turn down.

I first discovered Juice Plus+ when my first born was an infant.

I was looking for a tool to offer my clients to allow them to make a step in the right direction for better health. Juice Plus+ was a perfect fit! I saw an ad for it on Dr. Sears' website, and when I found out it was simply ground up raw, vine-ripened fruits and vegetables, I was excited!

I have since learned it is the most thoroughly researched nutraceutical in the world, backed by 38 randomized, peer-reviewed, placebo-controlled, double-blind studies conducted at the top universities and hospitals in the world!


These studies showed that Juice Plus+ is fully bio-available, reduces inflammation, supports the immune system, reduces oxidative stress, supports oral, skin, lung and heart health, and even helps maintain healthy DNA!!  There is more!  Juice Plus+ has also been shown to increase lean body mass, improve insulin resistance and abdominal fat. 

There is even a study on ovarian cancer survivors that showed Juice Plus+ improved their quality of life, phytonutrient markers and cell health!


As I experimented with clients who were taking Juice Plus+, I found that it made the biggest difference in whether they were able to actually apply what they were learning, night-time parent happily, and wake up feeling vibrant and ready to take on the day! As this was exactly my own experience, and with all the science supporting Juice Plus+, it just made sense! 

I entered parenthood feeling rocked by sleep deprivation, and it was proper nutrition that truly saved me.  Juice Plus+ was a tremendous catalyst and continues to be an ongoing support for the health of my whole family.  From my children’s behaviour, to better weight and blood pressure for my husband, and of course my own health transformation, I give Juice Plus+ much of the credit.

The Juice Plus+ Product Line

The Juice Plus+ Company is 25 years old, and they like to keep it simple. The goal is to get more plant nutrition into families.  Juice Plus+ has a small line of products designed to bridge the gap between what we should be eating, and what we are able to eat every day. 

This is not done through synthetic vitamins and supplements.  It is achieved from farm to capsule, with whole food nutrition from the highest quality fruits, vegetables, seeds and berries.

The vegan Omega Blend contains omegas 3, 5, 6, 7, and 9 which have been shown to provide a range of health benefits.  Breastfeeding mothers are most deficient in Omegas, as babies require a tremendous amount of it for brain growth. 

By harvesting omegas from algae and using a cold-pressing technique for the seeds to maintain the purity of nutrients, Juice Plus+ has ensured their Omega Blend is sustainable and environmentally friendly.


The incredible women below have transformed their families–and their lives! Check out their stories:

Natasha Marchand

COO of bebo mia and Baby & Me Fitness. Since recording this video, Natasha has decided to become a member of The DREAM Life Team!

Jenn Hewson

Biologist, La Leche League Leader & homeschooling mom of four.

Julia Nichol

Postpartum Doula and Sleep Educator


"Juice Plus+ has been life changing!"

JP has been amazing, I have changed my daily routine to make sure that I take it. I walk in the morning, make breakfast and enjoy that time with my kids and husband before we all go about our day. Such a small change but definitely a positive one. Taking JP in the lead up to my surgery defiantly helped in the healing process afterwards. – ElizabethV.

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All Juice Plus+ products are safe from womb (in pregnancy) throughout the entirety of life, and are carefully testes by independent experts to ensure purity.  They are NSF certified to be pesticide, heavy-metal and contaminant free. For more information, check out this study from Dr Mita Ray on Pregnancy and Juice Plus+


"Juice Plus kept me strong!"

Last year (2017) I was sick several times. In Spring 2018 I walked 800 km (500 miles) on the Camino de Santiago. Worried that a cold would knock me down, I started taking Juice Plus daily supplements. I walked in the sun, cold, sleet, and fog - in temperatures ranging from 0c to 27c, and never got sick! Not even a sniffle! My daily Juice Plus worked to balance my nutrition and keep me strong. – Collette V.


"Bye bye type 2 diabetes!"

Since January, we have overhauled our eating habits as a family. I added Juice Plus+ , the Shred10 and more movement and activity with our son into my routine and I lost 20 lbs early in the year and I have kept that weight off. More importantly to me is the fact that I no longer technically have type 2 diabetes and my A1C numbers are back into normal ranges. – Leah M.


" I feel a noticeable difference in my outlook on life"

Since Brandie introduced me to Juice Plus+, I have noticed that my exercise has improved, I am cooking more, I am drinking more water, my energy is improved and my complexion has as well! I feel a noticeable difference in my outlook on life, my sense of wellbeing has improved, and I am less stressed than I was before. – Kelly M.

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