Family Lifestyle & Nutrition Course

Did you know that many ingredients in the food our kids eat can actually damage brain cells? Or that a significant number of foods marketed as "healthy" have negative effects on your child?

Do you want to lead by example, creating delicious snacks and meals that your family loves? If you're ready to replace the daily fights with mealtimes that connect your family and nourish them phsyically as well as emotionally, this workshop is for you.

After completion of this course you will be armed with a ton of tools to improve the energy and health of everyone in your home. For parents of children aged 2 and up.

This series is three weeks long, split up into three two-hour interactive workshops. Cost per family: $267

There are currently no scheduled events.


Consulting Packages For Parents

You can book me for online coaching (Skype, Zoom, or phone call) on all things parenting, family nutrition, or for maternal life coaching.

Sometime parents see me weekly for a few weeks, sometimes monthly, or some book one session to help in getting through a trickier time. Work with me if you are looking to implement new healthy habits, are feeling scared about maternity leave drawing near, are needing help making a difficult decision, or if you are just plain worn out from parenting.

I have a ton of tools up my sleeves to make decisions clearer and help your own inner wisdom be heard loud and clear. When changes are needed in your home or life, I will help you make the path of change clear, manageable and effective.


Other Consulting Services

Pantry Makeover

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the task of going through your kitchen to identify foods that may not be healthy for you and your family? A fun, interactive Pantry Makeover with me is a great place to begin! During this one-on-one home* consultation you, along with your family, can interactively learn:

  • How to read a nutrition label
  • The simplicity of Traffic Light Eating
  • What foods that you may want to consider phasing out of your pantry
  • Insightful food preparation and shopping tips
  • The "dirty dozen" list of ingredients to avoid

Receive Traffic Light Eating stickers and shopping lists to help you as you continue on the path toward better health. Both parents and children will enjoy and benefit from this fun, interactive consultation.

2-hour in-home* Pantry Makeover - $125

*in-home visits and smart shopping trips are based in GTA and Niagara region only. Travel expenses may apply.

Smart Shopping Trip

Aisles and aisles of choices at the grocery store can be intimidating. Each product claims that it is healthy, but is it? Who and what should you believe? As a lifetime certified health coach trained through Dr. Sears, I can make shopping healthy easy for you by going on a Smart Shopping trip with you to help navigate the aisles. During our time together you will:

  • Discover how to read a nutrition label
  • Learn marketing loopholes to watch for
  • Identify healthy brand choices
  • Receive confirmation and encouragement in your journey to better health

1-hour Smart Shopping Trip - $75

SAVE: Same-day Pantry Makeover combined with Smart Shopping Trip - $175

Angel Card Readings

I was certified to read Angel Cards through an in-person live training with Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine. Readings will call upon your angels to connect you to your inner wisdom and give you clarity on your current challenge or decision.

30 minute individual session - $75

90 minute group session at your party or event - $229

Book A Free Consultation

The first stop on our journey together is a free 15-minute consultation. If you would like some professional support, or even if you're unsure where to start, click on the button below to schedule your free session.

In this time I can help you feel more clear on your real goals, and guide you towards some resources to support those goals, whether that includes working with me further or not. Often, all we really need is an ear to share our parenting challenges without interruption or fear of judgement.

Click on the button below to schedule your free session, no-obligation session.


"To say that Brandie helped me find myself as a mother is an understatement."

Brandie helped me accept my new role as a mother, something I think every new mom goes through and identifies with at some point. She focused on me rather than my baby, which is something no sleep trainer does these days. If you want to start loving yourself as a mother, learn to read your baby's needs, and be in control of the important aspects of your life, then do yourself a favour and hire Brandie and I promise you will not regret it. - Joanne B.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of issues can I bring to the table in consulting with you?

My consulting is for any parenting scenario where you are feeling stuck, or if you have reached a point of burn out or loss of direction. When you know you are not parenting as you aspire to be, but feel caught in a negative cycle. A client may come to me for help with a discipline or potty training scenario, only to discover the root of the issue lies in having an empty tank, feeling out of control, and resentful of a lack of personal time.

I can also help with picky eating challenges and family nutrition. We start any consulting package with a 20 minute in depth wellness assessment that gives us a clear picture of where troubles are stemming from. Together we set intentions and goals based on your issues and with your core values in mind. I also use angel cards as one of my tools to support clients, if that is something you are open to exploring with me

What does a consultation session with you look like?

You will fill out a detailed intake form before we work together. The questionnaire covers your challenges, goals and a includes a core values exercise. Completing these exercises in advance of your session allows us to maximize our time together.

Once you've submitted the form, we book a time to speak. While we talk I take detailed notes, taking special care to organize thoughts, suggestions and any action steps that have arisen out of our time together. Within 12 hours of our session, you'll receive my beautifully-formatted notes. Action with intention.

The 6 session package, includes an in depth wellness assessment. This is a 20 minute exercise, in addition to the intake. Many of my clients find self-expression quite challenging, and may be blind to what areas are tripping them up. We'll collaborate on finding ways to overcome these challenges, actions that will not just improve your current parenting challenge, but will also positively impact your overall life satisfaction.